An Emerging Evolution…

Solar plus Power is the power provider using God’s own power as the source to generate power –our current operations are in konkan & in God’s own country –Kerala. Sun is the natural source of energy and for our country where power supply is perpetually unreliable & every year power costs are going up manifold, so it makes more sense to be free from power shortages and high power cost by investing in your own solar equipment which will generate enough power for you to overcome power shortage & at the same time reduce your power costs.

Solar power is a clean and readily available energy which is environment friendly. Fossil fuels like Petrol Diesel & coal are getting exhausted and as the supply gets reduced, the prices of fossil fuels will go up. Quite opposite, solar energy is a renewable form of energy freely available for mankind to harness.

olar Power is going to be the new form of alternative energy in the coming decades. Due to technological advancements in Solar Power Systems, it has now become more affordable and convenient. Even if there is less Sunlight in monsoon, you can get power supply by augmenting high power battery support. There are several solar energy options you can choose as per your available budget.
The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency is developing plans to equip over one million homes in India with solar power in the coming years.



Anil Thampi
Renjith Nambiar (Kerala)


Solar Plus Power Solutions entered into solar energy sector recently with solid technical knowhow and backing from collaboration and planning to be a leading player in next few years to come. Our aim is to provide uninterrupted solar power to industrial and individual users at affordable cost. We have offices in MUMBAI as Head Quarters and COCHIN as Regional Hub for Southern India & KONKAN Region in Maharashtra. Also planning to expand to other states soon. Our technical support team can give you on call support or be at your doorstep to solve any of your power needs; we operate even in remote areas where total dependence on solar power is required & offer turnkey solutions for projects.